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We’ve been on the market for just over three years but our experience is very rich. Our team is composed of experienced Ninjas who tried and tested their skills over many years on countless projects at various interactive agencies during lengthy projects spanning several years per project, developing client-side applications.

Why Us?

It’s simple – we have amazing specialists with the best solutions. We reach out for new technologies to get ahead of trends. We adjust to all requirements and nothing is impossible for us.

Our Values


First of all, we listen

The most important thing for us is that the final product fulfils the needs and meets the expectations of the end client. During our meetings with clients, we do our best to gather as much information as we can so as not to miss anything so that we can give you the best possible result.


We analyse, plan and advise

Before we begin a task, we plan and analyse everything, taking into account what gives the user the best user experience. We advise. We know a better business practice which is why we can advise our clients on making the most optimal choices.


Quality is the most important factor for us

We pay a huge amount of detail to make sure that our products present themselves in the highest level of quality. There is no way that we would allow for an application to function “just about or just fine” or to have working issues on their respected platforms. All of our products are covered by a guarantee in quality.

Ready to fight
Krzysztof WrońskiKrzysztof Wroński
Krzysztof Wroński

Frontend dev

Dariusz KorsakDariusz Korsak
Dariusz Korsak

Backend Dev

Bartosz PerończykBartosz Perończyk
Bartosz Perończyk


Tomasz JurczakTomasz Jurczak
Tomasz Jurczak

Full Stack

Radosław WojtyczkaRadosław Wojtyczka
Radosław Wojtyczka

Backend Dev

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