Thanks to our great competence and skill set we are able to take on different tasks connected with our broad spectrum of web apps.  We create company websites, business cards, ecommerce websites and online stores as well as product catalogues, Progressive Web Design apps and also systems crafted for client-specific tasks and requirements.



We design and create company websites, business cards and official office websites for organisations and even for private individuals. Each project is unique and therefore crafted based on the customer’s individual specification.

We listen to our customers and support them to deliver a website which meets the desired needs of our business end clients. Our websites meet the highest standards available and are easier to find with advanced positioning with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).



When running an ecommerce or online retail website, we place the greatest emphasis on giving you a website with high usability (UX) and excellent positioning (SEO) on search engine sites. Thanks to us, clients can maximise their sales and profits!

We use tried and tested methods and techniques when developing websites to give end users the best shopping experience. We place emphasis on keeping things sweet and simple so that customers don’t feel cluttered or lost when browsing and especially when finalising their payments online.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Our mobile apps are developed in-line with Progressive Web Design technology. These are web apps which integrate and work best on mobile devices giving you a feeling of using a native mobile app.

One of the biggest assets of Progressive Web Designed Apps is their versatility. They work on every phone regardless of the make or operating system (being fully compatible with Android and iOS). Consequently, these apps do not need to be re-developed for different operating systems.

Web Applications

Web Applications

We create apps to meet the individual business needs of our clients. Thanks to our experience, we can create large apps which can be used to manage many different business processes but more specifically meets your unique business needs.

We have a rich experience in this field having developed a medical documentation management app, an invoicing app, a CRM system and even an internal business communication system.

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